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I'm so happy you decided to bet on yourself by purchasing this e-book! This book was created to give invaluable insight from opening an event space to automating and maintaining its success. I am excited to share my experiences with you! I am originally from the southside of Chicago, IL, I moved to Georgia in 2016 to give my children an opportunity to thrive in a more positive environment. I am a mom, wife, math teacher, entrepreneur, and believer! Allowing God to order my steps on this journey was the best decision I've made. Being away from the "comfort" of home, brought out an extensive "hustle" inside of me. In addition to teaching full time, I began to tutor, prepare taxes, and even teach Chinese students how to speak English! I was determined to make this move to Georgia work for my family. Things began to really shift after searching, but not finding, the perfect venue to host my 30th birthday; so I decided to create one. In 2019, my husband, and I opened our first location. Due to an overwhelming need, we opened our second and third locations in 2020 and 2021 respectively. Through lots of hard work, sleepless night and scaling, we have grown into a seven-figure company.

​I have decided to share the knowledge I've gained throughout these years, to help others find their paths of balancing their 9-5's with their passions!

And on the Weekends...We Party!

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