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What's A Mentor?

A mentor is a person with experience in a specific field who supports and guides other on their new professional journey.

Over the past few years, I have gained an abundance of knowledge in the field of event spaces, management, work-life balance, branding, entrepreneurship and more. A major part of my experience was my mistakes, especially the ones that created a financial bind. I am determined to help others navigate around the misjudgments that are common to novice business owners, and into life changing, partnerships and business opportunities.

Is this mentorship right for you?

Have you been thinking of opening an event space, but you aren't sure of where to begin? Regardless of where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, I can help you to grow your business. From beginners, who need to form an LLC, to experienced entrepreneurs who want to scale and automate, I've got you covered.

12 Month Mentorship -  Pay In Full


Please email us for financing options!

12 Month Mentorship - Initial Deposit

This link is used for mentees to make their $500 initial deposit.

12 Month Mentorship - Monthly Payments

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